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Terms of use

letsprintcrete.com is the online store for the distribution of products through the internet of the company -LET’S PRINT- based in the Port of Hersonissos, 73 Eleftheriou Venizelou Avenue.

The following terms and conditions will apply to your use of the business page on Facebook, Instagram and its website. Any user who enters, trades or makes use of its services shall be deemed to have the full acceptance and acceptance of the terms herein set forth, without any exception. If a user does not agree to these terms, then it is his responsibility to refrain from visiting, using the site, as well as from any transaction or use of the business services.

LET’S PRINT  reserves the right to modify, revise, update or adapt the Terms and Conditions of Use and Transactions on its Facebook, Instagram and web site at any time it deems necessary and undertakes the obligation to post them on its pages on Facebook and Instagram for the benefit of users.

Information and products provided

The company is committed to the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of the information listed on its facebook and instagram page and on its website regarding its identity and the services provided. The Company, in the good faith, is not responsible for and is not bound by electronic data that was erroneously / by mistake in common experience and is entitled to rectify them whenever it realizes their existence. Furthermore, it is not liable for any technical errors resulting from the shutdown of the Website or for reasons of force majeure.

Limitation of Liability

LET’S PRINT , in the context of its transactions through its web pages, is not responsible and liable for any damages or damage arising from the cancellation of orders, non-execution or delay in their execution, for any reason. It does not guarantee the availability of the products displayed on its web pages, but it informs on the basis of the availability data whether or not the user concerned is concerned and undertakes to inform users of unavailability in the event of a change in their timing so in this case too, bears no further responsibility. It is also not responsible for any errors in features, photos and product prices listed on the LET’S PRINT  business pages on facebook and instagram and cannot guarantee that there will be no errors for any reason in importing or updating the features or and the price of a product.

The LET’S PRINT  business page, the LET’S PRINT  business page on facebook and instagram provides the content (eg information, names, photos, illustrations, etc.), products and services published on this site server, “as it is” without any warranty of any kind. Under no circumstances will the LET’S PRINT website and webpage on facebook and instagram be liable for civil or criminal liability for any damage (positive, special or consequential which is indicative and not restrictive, divisive and / or cumulative of loss of profits, data, lost profits, pecuniary satisfaction, etc.) by website visitors or third parties for reasons related to the operation or not of the site and / or the use of the site or even the inability to provide services and / or information through the site and any or any unauthorized third party interventions in products and / or services and / or information available through it.

LET’S PRINT  is not responsible or liable for any damage and non-material damage resulting from the failure to provide support services. Any reference or hyperlink to another site is provided for the convenience of the user and is not responsible for the contents, products and services provided (advertising or selling) on those sites. Product photos are indicative.

User Responsibility

The user agrees and undertakes to use the services, information and data of the site and pages on facebook and instagram as provided by law and in accordance with the rules of good faith and trading ethics.

Users agree and undertake not to use the pages for:

  • Sending, publishing, e-mailing, or transmitting in any way, any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, annoying, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, lewd, is in violation of someone else’s privacy, expresses racial, ethnic or other discrimination, may harm minors in any way for any reason and in addition cause unlawful insult and harm to LET’S PRINT or any third party, or violates the confidentiality or confidential information of any person
  • Sending, publishing, emailing or transmitting in any way any content that infringes on users’ morals, social values, infertility, etc.
  • Send, publish, e-mail, or transmit in any way, any content for which users are not permitted to transmit in accordance with applicable law or conventions (such as insider information, proprietary and confidential information acquired or disclosed as part of employment relationships or covered by confidentiality agreements).
  • Sending, publishing, e-mailing or transmitting in any way, any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of third parties
  • Send, publish, e-mail, or transmit in any way, any material that contains software viruses or any other codes, files, or programs designed to interrupt and cause damage, destruction, of the equipment of any computer, software or hardware.
  • Deliberate or unintentional infringement of applicable laws or regulations.
  • Harassment of third parties in any way.
  • Collect or store personal data about other users.

Orders / Contract

LET’S PRINT  gives the user the opportunity to order products available through the LET’S PRINT  website and via facebook and Instagram, and receive them: 1) from the store maintained by LET’S PRINT  or 2) through a business courier or post office service.

Orders are only binding if they are accepted by LET’S PRINT  after updating the order status. Any change in the order or management of the order is reported to the business. The products are delivered by the company within 3-6 days.

A prerequisite for the order to be executed by LET’S PRINT  is to pay the value of its products by depositing them into the bank accounts of LET’S PRINT  or using the payment system by debit, credit , prepaid card or paypal through the LET’S PRINT website.

The quoted prices of the products listed on the site pages include the legal VAT . Customer is also responsible for customs clearance costs, if incurred. The various product offers are valid until stocks are exhausted. Any bank charges incurred are entirely borne by the customer. The customer is responsible for selecting his/her product as well as for its suitability for its intended purpose.

Client’s unjustified withdrawal right

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the Purchase Agreement within 14 calendar days of the date of its conclusion or delivery, and even to order with multiple content from the delivery and the last product. In the case of obligation to deliver products at regular intervals from delivery of the first. Withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:

  • The withdrawal is unreasonable and free of charge even if the item has already been delivered, provided that the product will be returned exactly in the condition received, with all the forms accompanying it and its packaging in excellent condition. Return of the item shall be accepted only if the buyer has paid all the costs incurred by the business for shipping the item and the shipping costs for the return of the item.
  • The withdrawal statement is made in writing or electronically, and the business is required to send confirmation of receipt of the withdrawal statement as soon as it has received it.
  • Following a statement of withdrawal, the business is obliged to pay the price received within 14 days of receipt of the products.
  • Shipping costs are not refundable if the customer had chosen a delivery method other than the cheapest standard delivery method offered by the company.
  • The customer will be refunded the same way as the original payment was made.
  • The customer is liable to indemnify the business if he/she has used the product in a different than the normal use that is necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods in the time interval until the declaration of withdrawal. The decrease in value from the opening of the packaging and consequently the classification of the product as used is considered on a case-by-case basis and is determined by the company and is usually in the order of 20% -30%. The company has the right to agree with the client its compensation even with mutual compensation.
  • In the event that the products are returned damaged or defective, the company has the right to claim compensation from the customer, the amount of which will be determined by the status of the products and to make a full or partial settlement of its claim unilaterally and without any further price, vis-à-vis the customer.

Delivery / Ownership / Risk

The products can be shipped anywhere in or out of Greek territory to the place designated by the courier service or post office service. Shipments will take place daily except for Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Return Policy

In all cases where other than the agreed products are sold, by type or quantity, the customer returns the products for inspection and error detection. In this case, the cost of returning the product to the company as well as the cost of forwarding it to the customer shall be borne by the company as long as the return method proposed by the company is applied.

If it is found that the product has a manufacturing defect, the following shall apply, if confirmed by the company:

  • The product to be replaced should be returned along with all the documents that came with the product and its complete packaging.
  • The return of the products will be done either by courier or in the store maintained by the company. In cases of return by courier, the customer is responsible for the shipping cost to the company and the company is responsible for the shipping cost of the replaced product.
  • After the return of the products, the defect reported by the customer is checked and then communicated with him for information on the results of the inspection.
  • If the defect is found, the product is replaced, otherwise the order is canceled. In the event of cancellation of the transaction, the original purchase is refunded in the same manner as the initial payment of the customer to the company.
  • In the event that the products are returned damaged or defective the company has the right to claim compensation from the customer, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the products and to make a full or partial settlement of its claim unilaterally and without any further price. vis-à-vis the customer.

Force majeure

LET’S PRINT  is not responsible for delays in execution (including delivery) due to cases that cannot be attributed to it or are due to force majeure and will be entitled to an extension of time for execution.

Applicable law

The LET’S PRINT website and pages on facebook and instagram have been created and controlled by LET’S PRINT and Greek law will guide their use and interpretation. Access from another country obliges the user to comply with the laws of that country. The above terms constitute the complete agreement with  LET’S PRINT, which also has the right to change the content of the pages and the above terms without notice.

Business tax information

Tax Identification Number: 082171067

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